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    In this section, we are trying to give you a complete tutorial on how to increase the channel's member in Telegram. It is hoped that this training give you a good vision. Imagine that you want to work on increasing the member of channel or Group in Telegram? What do you need to do this? The answer is very simple!! If you had a thousand SIM cards and activated their Telegrams, then you could add that accounts to any channel you want. But there are three questions that should be answered:

    → Is it possible to buy a lot of SIM cards? You can use virtual number and buy as many as you want in reasonable price.

    → How can register and activate thousand SIM cards in Telegram? You do not need to activate these accounts manually. According to the open source feature of Telegram, you can automate it by programming, so that virtual numbers are activated and ready to use by this feature.

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